Every now and then, if you see a public announcement in the newspapers or a word of mouth from a fellow neighbour about a couple celebrating their 30th, 40th or even 50th (rare but it does happen once in a while) wedding anniversary, one cannot help but be amazed at how long they stayed married and loyal to each other for so long. If you happen to have parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents who are like those people I mentioned, good for them.

Today, I will not be talking about couples who are loyal and are in love with each other  for a very, very long time. However, my blog today wants to tackle one issue which is the total opposite: cheating spouses. If any of you have heard the ‘horror’ story of a married man or a woman catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD) when he or she have never strayed in his or her entire married life, this is one of the classic cheating spouse cases you might have come across through some gossip in your local neighbourhood or downtown.

It is a sad fact that cheating spouses are becoming so common to the point one cannot help but wonder why would someone be willing to do something so stupid just to throw away a marriage between the person and another. What drives a man or woman to cheat behind his wife’s or her husband’s back, we have no idea. As a blogger, cheating to me is not only a breach of trust but also it is an act of betrayal. I am not here to pass any judgment whatsoever but truthfully, marriage is something that is not like a fairytale straight from a storybook. It something one should never take for granted until it is too late. Marriage is built on trust, love and a wedding vow at the altar between a man and a woman for better and for worse. Therefore, here is my question: why marry in the first place when one later on ends up cheating on the poor spouse who put in so much effort to make a marriage work? I believe a cheated spouse deserves far better than having be taken for a fool or suffer upon finding out about the cheating significant other half with the other man/woman. When a person cheats on a spouse, he or she is being stupid enough to allow his or her own family to be destroyed (Sue me on this but sorry to say it is not just the significant other halves that suffer.  Children suffer too (the most of all) when a complete family is shattered). Lastly, cheating on a loved one is unfair and having an affair with someone other than a spouse is as bad as embezzling a company’s money.

What says you about the issue of cheating spouses? Do you happen to know someone who cheats on his or her spouse (pseudonyms please and no foul language too). Your opinions are welcomed.