It has been more than four weeks since we entered 2011 and Valentine’s Day is around the corner for most people. Although I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and I believe that I love you’s are everyday of the year, however, today I want to take the opportunity to talk about what happens when materialism brings out the ugly side of Valentine’s Day. Time and again, I have known a few people who said how commercialised Valentine’s Day has become since we entered the modern age. I cannot help but agree with them.

Therefore, let’s start with a few examples of materialism on Valentine’s Day. Scenario 1: A girlfriend throwing the biggest tantrum over not being surprised by dozens and dozens of red roses, a fancy Valentine’s card, Swiss chocolates, diamond necklace and an expensive five-star dinner in a restaurant all because her boyfriend gave her his handmade Valentine’s card and dinner and DVDs at his place which he prepared with creativity, thoughtfulness and lots of effort. How about Scenario 2: A wife throwing a tantrum and accusing her husband for being selfish all because he did not buy her the biggest Valentine’s gift of the year and preferred to give her a hug, two movie tickets  and an “I love you” from his heart, soul and lips. Or what about in Scenario 3 where a girl dumps some handmade Valentine’s Day cards into a rubbish bin all because she did not receive any gift in the form of expensive friendship bracelets or the coveted earrings from her friends and the boy she has a crush on in class. What do the three scenarios have in common? If any of you answered that each scenario has a strong whiff of materialism and materialistic people, you are absolutely right.

What has happen to the simple I love you’s and the hug on Valentine’s Day? Has the whole it’s-the-thought-that-counts matter is becoming already dead? As long as materialism stays, I have to say that Valentine’s will become one ugly day that will turn people away from celebrating it every year. Valentine’s Day is not all about getting the biggest or the most expensive gift that one would come to class or work the next day to brag about it. I am sure there are some people who will tell you that Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and friendship rather than break the bank just to prove one’s love or loyalty to a loved one. Therefore( I may get shot for that but who cares), money and materials can never buy love and friendship. Not even on Valentine’s.

What says you about the issue of materialism rearing its ugly head on Valentine’s Day? Do you happen to know someone or someone’s friend who is materialistic and throw a Valentine’s tantrum on that day? (remember, pseudonyms please!)