Raise your hands, if you had flatted as a university or polytechnic student or if you rented out your home before. Or perhaps you might have done it when you were a fresh graduate working overseas. What am I talking about today? Flatting. You know it, we know it and I know it. Flatting is often seen as a rite of passage for young people between the 18 to 30 age range where they get a chance to live independently during their tertiary study and/or graduate days. However, there is an ugly side of flatting which I actually want to focus on: flatmates from hell (or for some you who call them roommates or housemates).

Yes, I understand that flatmates from hell are the biggest nightmares to live with when you least expect it during flatting. Many people, young and old alike, have or had their fair share of flatmates from hell. As a blogger, I am not going to lie but a few years ago, I too had put up with a flatmate from hell for quite some time which put me off flatting for the first and the last time and for a long time. Anyway, I am not here to give out the details but if any of you or your close friend or relative had or have a bad brush with those monster flatties, I can understand what you had been through and no one should have to go through that.

Whenever the term ‘flatmate from hell’  springs out, you are reminded of (take your pick) a flatmate who did/does not clean up his or her own messes in the kitchen or bathroom that you both share/shared, pays the weekly or monthly rent late or come/came up with the same old, same old lame excuse why he or she is/was not paying the full amount of weekly or monthly rent. Or how about the classic case of the flatmate from hell leaving the light or electric heater on the whole day when he or she is not using it? Or what about the case of the flattie from hell who takes your food and drinks from your fridge and pantry without asking you? If any of you says yes to either one of those classic acts done by the flatmate from hell, perhaps this online  2007 article would be something you would agree with. But there is more to that as there are some cases of flatmates from hell who stole from their nice flatmates, hogged the television every night without any thought for others, refused to pay for any damages he or she made in the flat or worse.

However, what if you had put up with the ‘ultimate’ flatmate from hell who not only does one of those typical misdeeds I mentioned above but happens to be a (see below):

  • a ‘user’ who has a Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde personality who is nasty and rude to you by blaming and making your life a misery day and night and is only nice to you when he or she wants something from you
  • a real bully who belittles you on everything from your choice of studies and appearances to your clothes and hobbies
  • a manipulative psycho who uses the victim card to paint you, the real innocent victim, as the bad guy just to turn your friends, neighbours and/or acquaintances against you
  • a real monster who dislikes you having your friends, family or relatives dropping by the flat for a mini-gathering or a dinner all because he or she doesn’t have any good company like you do
  • a spolit brat who thinks the world revolves around him or her where he or she can do whatever to you without realising that he or she is hurting your feelings.
  • an emotional vampire who loves to drain off your ‘feel good’ mojo just because you are having a nice day while he or she isn’t


  • a real self-esteem vampire who does whatever he or she takes to see that you end up losing your self-esteem and confidence just because he or she has a massive self-esteem complex on the shoulder and is jealous of you

If you happen to have one of those ‘ultimate’ flatmates from hell or one with a combination of the mentioned seven ‘evil’ traits, I can emphatise with you and I believe it is time that you have to get rid of him or her as soon as possible without you ending up going insane. However, if you need to prove to your landlord or your close friends that your so-called nice flatmate is actually a flatmate from hell under the sweet mask, it is time to take out an MP3 player, tape recorder, or a small video camera  (or even a mobile phone with camera and audio recording) to catch the nasty-piece-of-work in the act of being mean and nasty to you and/or another fellow flatmate. But if the flattie from hell threatens to harm you, do not be afraid and just get your friends’ and/or family’s support and be prepared to report the matter to the police. It is better to have a peace of mind than put up with more nonsense daily from one person who cannot respect you.

So what says you about the issue of flatmates from hell? Do you happen to have a previous or current experience with a one? If you do, you are welcome to talk about it (but remember, pseudonyms please!). If you also can explain, what your flatmate from hell had done to you and/or another fellow flatmate, spill out what you want to say.