Everyone, this is a Part 2 of my previous post, Positive female role models from fiction and media Part 1, and now I am back with some more fictional female characters who are positive role models for girls and women.

1.) Abigail ‘Abby’ Scuito from NCIS

Don’t let the goth girl look fool you because she is a forensic scientist (and a very smart one too) who works alongside with Jethro and company in NCIS. Abby (portrayed by Pauley Perette) is “described as the happiest goth you’ll ever meet” who is independent, loyal and always standing up for the greater good.  Just like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds, she is also good at computer hacking. Don’t expect Abby to be a damsel in distress anytime soon because in one episode in Season 3, she turns the table on Charles ‘Chip’ Sterling by hog-tying him up with duct tape when he attempted to attack her.

2.) Yueniang from The Little Nyonya

To those who are not familiar with the Singaporean drama, The Little Nyonya, the one heroine you need to look out for from start to end is Yueniang (portrayed by Jeanette Aw). Yueniang makes it into the positive female role model category because she is not just a pretty face in a Peranakan kebaya or someone with excellent culinary and sewing skills to boot. She is also a resourceful, brave, tenacious and determined woman who is not afraid to face any challenges that help her to be strong in life. Yueniang is loyal, kind and will not allow men to push her around (In one episode, she threatened her male cousin with a kitchen chopper after she was almost molested by him). Here is another interesting but positive trait she has: she is also forgiving to those who mistreat her and will not stoop low to repay evil with evil.

3.) Libby from The Little Nyonya

Another female character from The Little Nyonya, despite being a minor character, who makes it alongside with Yueniang is none other than Libby (portrayed by Pamelyn Chee). Libby is an English-educated and modern girl who breaks the stereotype that all girls growing  up in the 1950s were in puffed up skirts and doing girly stuff. Besides being streetwise, perceptive and resourceful, Libby is respectful and loyal just like the main heroine, Yueniang.

4.) Detective Olivia Benson from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Detective Olivia Benson (portrayed by Mariska Hargitay) is another female fictional character you cannot help but love her if you happen to be a Special Victims Unit fan. Besides being tough and brave, she is also empathetic and is willing to go to the ends of the earth when it comes to seeking  justice for victims.

5.) Ellen Harvelle from Supernatural

Raise your hands, if the name Ellen Harvelle rings a bell to you. She shows that demon-hunting is not just a guy’s job in Supernatural. Although Ellen (portrayed by Samantha Ferris) is a mother, she is brave, tough and willing to put her  life on the line when it comes to keeping the world safe from demons.

6.) Dr Nina Wilde from Andy McDermott’s novels.

If you happen to be an Andy McDermott fan, Dr Nina Wilde is a character you might have read in his books like The Hunt for Atlantis, The Tomb of Hercules and more. Besides being an archaeologist, she is intelligent, ethical, courageous and willing to get her hands dirty in what she does. She  is also a likeable character with an interesting relationship chemistry with Eddie Chase and a few imperfections that make it very easy for us to relate to Dr. Nina Wilde.

7.) The witch-hunting Norwegian granny from Roald Dahl’s The Witches (1983) and the movie version (1990)

In case Roald Dahl’s novel,The Witches, was something you might have read as a child, the unnamed Norwegian grandmother is no frail old woman who sits back on a chair all day long. Despite being in her old age, she happens to be a witch hunter who is resourceful, determined, streetwise and always on her feet looking out for evil witches wanting to get their hands on innocent kids. In the movie version which was made in 1990, the heroine of The Witches was called Helga (portrayed by the late Mai Zetterling).

8.) Detective Lilian ‘Lilly’ Rush from Cold Case

Detective Lilly Rush maybe a pretty blonde lady but she is no bimbo or damsel in distress who needs any saving anytime. She is dedicated in what she is good at: solving cold cases and seeking out justice for dead victims who are left in the cold for many years. Detective Lilly Rush (portrayed by Kathryn Morris) is brave and determined. When it comes to seeking out justice, she makes sure that the perpetrators are caught and the victims get the justice they have been deprived for so long. She also means serious business and takes no crap from perpetrators who try to worm their way out from being caught. For example in the Season 4 episode of Cold Case, Stand Up and Holler (episode 20), Detective Lilly Rush made a perfect arrest on a mean former high school cheerleader Becca (Rainey Karlsen’s murderer) at a ten-year high school reunion anniversary by confronting her with the memorable line that came back to bite Becca while she least expects to hear it ten years after she killed Rainey (see below).

Lilly Rush: (echoing Becca’s words) Don’t move a muscle… bitch.

9.) Chloe Sullivan from Smallville

Again, she maybe blonde but she is no ditz and she is no damsel in distress either. Chloe Sullivan (portrayed by Allison Mack) is not only known to be a close friend, ally and confidante to Clark Kent and Oliver Queen but she is also a cousin to Lois Lane. Chloe is a great female fictional character who shows that writing and computer hacking skills are appealing for female viewers who happen to be tech-savvy or or journalistic and literature buffs. She is resourceful, intelligent, loyal, independent, determined, perceptive, and inquisitive to the hilt. Although there are times she occasionally breaches the ethical and legal boundaries of privacy such as hacking and sneaking into personal files, she does it for the greater good and going according to what she believes “the public has the right to know”.

That is all from me about positive female role models in fiction and media in Part 2. Anyway, what says you about this? If you happen to know a fictional female who you think is a positive fictional female role model, say who it is, explain what are her traits and skills, and explain why. Your opinions are welcomed.