If the name Hannah Burge rings a bell to you, perhaps this Daily Mail article will also jog your memory (and must have left you shocked to the core). With the big-B becoming all the rage in the 21st century, it is no surprise many females are going gaga over it. In case you have no idea, what is the big-B, it is Botox I am talking about. Whenever we hear the word Botox, the idea of a woman in her forties and fifties going to an aesthetic practitioner doing away with her wrinkles for three months comes up to mind. However, Botox is not just commonly used by women in their forties and fifties only. Are you ready for the next bit?

Botox is also used by young women in their….twenties (gasp!). If you thinking I am joking, try reading what was reported on the Daily Mail recently. And that 2008 article too. Why are these ladies in their twenties doing the Big-B? Simple, they claimed that they are getting it done to combat the signs of ageing and temporarily get rid of wrinkles on their face which actually have yet to surface in the next twenty or more years to come. As a blogger, I am not here to judge but I have to say getting Botox done in one’s twenties is considered going too far and we all do not know what sort of side effects can Botox leave on a young face many years from now. Using Botox to combat the signs of ageing in your twenties? Oh please, what a very laughable excuse. Haven’t they heard of taking good care of their skin by having a healthy and balanced diet followed by some exercise, daily use of sunscreen, cutting down on the stress and a proper day-and-night skin care regime? As a young female in my twenties, I don’t need to resort to the Big-B to fight premature ageing (although it is part and parcel of every person’s life, I am happy with how I look and I take good care of my skin daily). Besides, it is better to have a natural face that can smile and frown without becoming unnaturally frozen no thanks to Botox. Very creepy if you imagine someone not being able to smile, frown or even pout as a result of injecting Botox into the face.

Now getting back to the Hannah Burge headlines in regards to the issue of Botox users getting younger and younger, it is shocking but true that Botox users now include teenaged girls (some underaged ones too). How about if the name Charice sounds familiar to you when she made the headlines last year about having Botox done for her debut in Glee. Muscle pain, my foot! I believe she had the big-B done for aesthetic reasons. The headlines on Charice earned a global backlash and the proof is featured in this GMA News online article.  The Botox is just unnecessary for her in the first place. Having just read The Sun article about teenaged girls using Botox for their faces is a sad thing we need to be concerned. Again, it does make us wonder why on earth some parents would be so dumb enough to allow their teenaged daughters to get Botox. What are they really teaching these girls? I may get shot for saying this but sorry to say, those parents are sending out the wrong message to their girls and only making them feel more insecure about themselves and their bodies. Those girls should be focusing on other matters rather than be preoccupied with their bodies and appearances everyday. Lastly, whoever suggests that Botox should be recommended to teenaged girls in order to have less wrinkles when they reach adulthood must be very stupid to say that. Let me say this once, we  all can’t escape ageing, like it or not. What is next I wonder, marketing anti-ageing products and encouraging girls under fourteen years of age to do the Big-B in the future? That is one freaky future I do not want to happen in reality in the next fifteen or twenty years to come. No, I mean in the near future.

Last but not least, can anyone please stop being obsessed over some imaginary wrinkle or frown line for nothing when it has yet to make an appearance on a face many years from now? Anyway, what says you about this issue? Your opinions are welcomed.