Some time ago, I just came across a news article from UK which talks about a 27-year-old having his day at court for committing benefit theft or sometimes known as benefit fraud depending where you come from.  Every now and then, it makes me mad as a law-abiding taxpayer of society having to hear the occasional newsflash of someone who is reported or found out for stealing welfare benefits from the government. This is taxpayers’ money we are talking about that benefit thieves lying their way in to get their grubby little hands on money that should have gone to people who truly need them.

Just because someone goes on a benefit, doesn’t mean that every person who goes on a welfare benefit should be lumped together as a bunch of dishonest, lazy lot. There are some people who are on the benefit that are honest but are experiencing unforeseen circumstances that stop them from having a stable life for a little while until they finally get their feet on the ground. As for those who choose to lie their way into getting benefits that they should not have touched, I cannot say the same for them because they choose to be dishonest, selfish and greedy when they should have known better that they are breaking the law. I have heard stories of benefit thieves who dare to claim unemployment benefits while they have a stable job and income that can easily feed them and their family members. Every now and then, there is one person who would confess having committed be nefit fraud by accumulating benefits off the government and later on migrating or return to his or her home country where the ill-gotten gains are tucked into a life savings which should not have existed in the first place. And we also have the occasional benefit fraudsters who claim welfare benefits when actual fact they happen to own an expensive property just like this benefit fraudster who made headlines for being caught red-handed around July 2010. Or this couple with their expensive yacht featured on the BBC in 2009. And how about the case of this couple who claimed they have 16 kids only to be found that they lied. These sort of people give honest and decent individuals living temporarily on welfare benefits a bad name as well as taking their local welfare departments for fools .

Maybe it is time we not only need to see them be taught a lesson by having their days in court and spending time behind bars. Making them pay every single cent they stole is a splendid idea to see to that they return all their ill-gotten goods back to both the government and law-abiding, tax-paying citizens alike. Or perhaps it would be so much better if we could see them being humiliated in public where they wear a “I am a benefit fraud” sign around the neck wherever they go or better have citizens toss rotten fruit and eggs at them (well, only in my dreams). Benefit theft is never worth it nor are greed and dishonesty.

Anyway, what says you about this benefit theft issue? Feel free to have your say.