It has been 11 days since we entered 2011 and lately, I have been pondering on one issue which has been talked about among my friends, relatives, and me recently. Every now and then, I hear from my friends in my hometown about our ex-friends (whom we had fallen out of no thanks to their bad attitude) bragging about their brand new designer goods and parading around town in them. Or worse, having to occasionally see them airing their yearning over some latest expensive but terribly ugly-looking handbag on the online social network (OSN) pages. There are also the occasional times, we would see them throwing a tantrum on OSN over some spilt food on their expensive wear or a snapped strap of their beloved designer bag. Or worse to hear them say that they cannot leave without (pretty laughable if you ask me) their beloved diamond jewellery or their favourite designer shoes worth hundreds to a few thousand dollars in response to the “What you cannot live without” question (Sheesh!).

I don’t want to sound like a sour grape or try to judge them but sad to say that materialism and material love have become prevalent among women and girls in modern day and age since we become progressed. Call it some kind of real Sex and the City happening in reality, I have to admit that I am surrounded by a real-life Sex and the City-like life the older I get but I am able to fight against it everyday and ignore the occasional cat-calls of being labelled a loser for not having the designer must-haves. It does make you wonder what does a material girl, especially if she is trying to be a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, see in a costly and high-quality designer handbag which is actually nothing but an eyesore which has failed (Yeah, EPIC FAIL!) to be a matching fashion accessory to begin with. Let alone coming across a girl wearing a tacky and ugly so-called charm bracelet which shouldn’t be called a charm bracelet in the first place. What is more sad to know that there are some materialistic girls (and they are growing more and more by the lot) out there who not only cannot live without their expensive designer goods and their boyfriends, whom they only love for their big fat bank accounts and wallets, who pay for their expensive goods and ‘exquisite’ lifestyles where they try to look and act like rich girls.

Material girls can think that having materials and material love can make them complete. Hate to say this but materialism and material love usually leads to nowhere where the material girl is always wanting more and never satisfied with anything in life. What’s more, she doesn’t realise the fact that materials are things that we cannot take with us when we are six feet under and into the afterlife. PsyBlog here has the proof and it’s right here in this weblink of a read-worthy pudding. If you take away materials and a financially loaded boy off a material girl, she is going to end up as a nobody with nothing when she emphasises on materials more than her values, skills and self-worth as an individual. As for the non-material girl, she will always be someone when she puts her skills, values, self-worth and non-material love as her top priorities in life. Material girls can label their non-material counterparts as losers all they want just because they don’t own a designer wardrobe or handbags but in the end they do not realise what they are actually missing amidst the madness for material love.

So, what says you about this?