Every now and then, I have heard real-life stories of parents giving their child, especially their daughters, a designer bag or shoes.Or even a dress with a designer label on it. Some hours ago, I read an online Daily Mail article about a British eleven-year-old kid who is born with a designer dummy in her mouth. Having read that she has designer handbags and a pair of Jimmy Choos worth 475 pounds just leave me reeling in disbelief. It shocked me more to know that her parents splurge on her make-up, fake tanning sessions, hair highlights and nail extensions.

Where in the world would a parent go and buy his or her child something that you cannot buy in a thrift shop or a local retail departmental store, let along when a designer bag or shoe is worth hundreds to thousands of dollars which is so difficult to earn?  Who in the right mind would spend a lot of money on fake tanning sessions, hair highlights, and other unnecessary maintenance on a child who should be a kid rather than be some kind of mini-adult? Those parents can claim that they are giving their kids the best that they never had as children themselves. To me, this is just another way of spoiling ruining a child. What do kids know about having lots of designer goods in their bedrooms anyway? They either have no idea or do not realise that money is not easy to earn especially when blood, sweat and tears are involved in earning a few hundred or thousand dollars a month from slugging it all out at work day and night. The saying “money don’t grow on trees” does ring true and every child needs to know that.

Does a child need manicures, facial sessions and hair highlights done to maintain her posh look? No. Does a child need designer clothes and shoes to make her stand out and look pretty? Absolutely not! Does a child need a Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag to parade around with? No, no, NO! This is already a case of teaching a child that having materials equates happiness and satisfaction. Material happiness is not going to guarantee that child any true happiness especially when the child ends up becoming self-entitled, spoilt and materialistic. It makes a lot of sense to know that spoilt, materialistic kids tend to grow up into spoilt, materialistic adults who have little or no satisfaction in life. What a child needs is sensible parenting that teach them about the value of money rather than spoiling ruining them. Not forgetting about the importance of not equating materials with happiness (I mean that really)

Reading this recent article from the 2010 archives leaves me wondering how some parents are willing to go the extra mile in shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollar a month to fill up their kids’ rooms and cupboards with designer goods only to end up in debt later on(make that a deep hole of a debt). Should a parent blame a spoilt child for ending up in debt? I don’t think so, because it takes some insensible parenting involving money and materials to make a parent end up in debt. Sensible parenting is just a different story when parents choose to put their feet down and never equate giving more materials(including designer goods) to kids as a sign of love, attention or happiness. So who needs to give a child a Louis Vuitton bag anyway? Well, what says you about this?