Graduates database online – Would you like your university or college to have one?

As a university graduate, it pains me time and again to hear of ‘horror’ stories about some people buying diplomas or degrees via online or from black markets in order to pass themselves as graduates of University or College of So-and-So like what has happened recently in the news over in New Zealand.

What is more painful to hear in the news occasionally is some people would use those fake qualifications and list them down on their resumes to lie their way into a job. Hello, this is not just a serious case of dishonesty (and illegal too) here but this is also putting genuine and dedicated tertiary graduates in a bad light despite all their blood, sweat and tears put into studying just to end up graduating with honours.

To hear a few parents making false claims that their child graduated from University What-and-what (when that kid didn’t really study or graduated from that university) just to keep up with the Joneses is just plain annoying and wrong. What is wrong with those parents telling lies which only will lead them to be found out in the end?

But thank goodness for an online graduates database which is now available in some universities and colleges in this day and age. Call it an online alumni database or a graduation confirmation database (depends on which part of the world where you live), it is a very handy online site that you usually can find in a small number of universities’, polytechnics’ or colleges’ websites. An online graduates database contains a list of graduates who graduated from a university or college at a certain year with their chosen major or qualifications. You can try the online graduates database by typing in a person’s name and hitting the Search button. Voila, what you see is what you get after you punch in ‘Search’: either the person is really telling the truth or otherwise!

The aim of having a graduates database online is not just handy to verify that the person who graduated from University So-and-So is really telling the truth about his or her qualifications.It also spares local and international employers from going through the trouble of encountering potential job applicants with so-called qualifications from their so-called alma maters. The same goes for postgraduate/graduate school officers as well.

Do you think having an online graduates database/online graduation confirmation database would be a great idea? Does it also really tackle the issue of diploma/degree mills? If you happen to be a polytechnic, university or college student, graduate or staff member, would you like your institution to have it implemented in the graduates/graduation section online? What do you think?